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Entry #1

Check out the Three newest Tecnho's I've posted!

2007-11-22 13:41:09 by Zakueast

Check ou my new techno's, and also try to actually listen to them as apposed to just rating them based off of assumptions! Sweet.


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2007-12-16 21:31:02


Zakueast responds:

My Bad, that was a little much!


2008-07-31 17:48:59

Will you look at that.. I've seen yur reviews and you didn't even knew the program used to compose songs, now you're a featured artist, nice work i like them. ;)

Zakueast responds:

Thanks, I couldn't believe my self when I saw the message. I'm actually really flattered. Well I think the worlds finally ready for my mixing madness! The first up is Groove-O-lution! Check it out!


2008-08-01 22:08:27

AWesome songs man they are great

Zakueast responds:

Thanks man! It means a lot!